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I love my television series, and I particularly love crime dramas; they’re ideal to sit and watch as a family, all of us trying to figure out ‘whodunnit’. Suffice to say I watch a LOT of them. Here is a brief list of my favourites – all ongoing and all British. It was tough to choose between them and there are several that just didn’t quite make the cut, and that’s with me narrowing it down by leaving out miniseries and specials. Let’s get straight to it, shall we?


5 – Midsomer Murders
Long running series in which residents of one rather limited area of the Somerset countryside die in some increasingly outlandish ways. Well plotted if sometimes a bit bizarre. A review of series seventeen can be found on this blog.

Suspects4 – Suspects
Fairly dark and gritty series in which a team of police investigators solve shocking, often violent crimes. Dialogue between cast members is mostly improvised, making the show quite unique, however lines can sometimes feel a bit over-the-top.

Endeavour3 – Endeavour/Morse/Lewis
Based on a series of bestselling novels by Colin Dexter set primarily in Oxford, there have been several companion/spin-off series featuring the character of Inspector Morse and his once-sergeant Inspector Lewis. Character driven with a fairly serious tone.

Death In Paradise2 – Death in Paradise
Surprisingly funny series set on a small island in the Caribbean in which a British detective is begrudgingly sent to help the local police solve tricky murder cases. The humour is always on point but early series with Ben Miller in the leading role are probably the best.

sherlock titlecard1 – Sherlock
Hugely popular series in which the classic characters of Arthur Conan Doyle’s original series of Sherlock Holmes books are reimagined for the present day. Fantastic acting is guaranteed, as is some brilliant writing, but be prepared to wait… well… quite a long time between series.

And those are my top five British crime drama series. Were your favourites on the list? Or do you perhaps love a series that wasn’t featured above? Comment down below and let me know. See you next time everyone!