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It’s the most wonderful tiiiiime of the yeeeeear! I was nominated for this award by the fabulous Bee and Maddie from Heart Full of Books. Thank you so much for the nomination ladies; what a lovely virtual Christmas present! swba

The Rules

  • Answer a set of ten questions from the person who nominated you.
  • Write ten questions of your own and nominate ten other bloggers to answer them.

The Questions

1. What is your most anticipated book of 2016?
Always a tricky question, but I think I’m going to have to go with the first book in Rick Riordan’s new series, The Trials of Apollo. I love pretty much everything Rick creates and the author himself has said that this was one of the most fun ideas to write, so I cannot wait to see the finished product.

2. If you could swap lives with any book character, who would it be?
Probably Kat from Ally Carter’s Heist Society series, or Annabeth from Percy Jackson. Both of those ladies are badass, have cute boyfriends and live super exciting lives.

3. What’s your opinion of the 12th book on your shelf?
The 12th book on my shelf is… Anna and the French Kiss! I haven’t read it yet but I’ve heard nothing but great things about it and it is top priority for the new year.

4. What book would you recommend to a new reader?
It would probably depend on their age and favourite genre, but I’d probably go with a classic YA novel like The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Geek Girl or the Gallagher Girls. Those series are popular for a reason!

5. Do you have a favourite genre of book?
Absolutely! I’m a sucker for fantasy; high fantasy, historical fantasy, you name it, but I am particularly fond of urban fantasy set in the UK. There’s not an awful lot of it but the few examples I’ve come across are absolutely great.

6. What was your least favourite book of the year and why?
Probably Stealing Phoenix by Joss Stirling. This book just epitomised everything I dislike in a novel. Insta-love, cheesy writing, weak female character, possessive boyfriend, you name it.

7. Which book do you wish was turned into a movie/TV show?
Oh boy, I would sell my soul for a television show of the Rivers of London/Peter Grant novels. I understand it’s been optioned for TV, but I want it NOW!!!

8. What’s your favourite thing about blogging?
Getting to express myself and my opinions.

9. Which author(s) do you really want to meet?
Patrick Ness seems like he would be absolutely hilarious to spend the day with. Also, sitting down with George R. R. Martin to discuss the plot of his Song of Ice and Fire series is my idea of an ideal evening.

10. Do you have any bookish goals you want to complete in 2016?
I would love to complete several more series next year, as well as read a few more anthologies. Also, I’m planning to re-read the Hunger Games trilogy, the Percy Jackson series and, if possible, the Harry Potter series.

My Questions

  1. If there was one book you wish you had written what would it be and why?
  2. What was the book that got you in to reading?
  3. Have you got any author’s signatures? Whose?
  4. Has a book ever really changed the way you feel about something?
  5. Do you judge a book by its cover?
  6. Biggest bookish pet peeve?
  7. Bookmarks or fold the corners of the pages?
  8. Where is your favourite place to read?
  9. Do you think you could write a book that someone would publish?
  10. Do you know any writers?

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