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With the awful memories of Stealing Phoenix still lingering in my mind, it’s fairly safe to say I felt a strong sense of trepidation going into this book. Seeking Crystal turned out to be much better than I was anticipating though; I would even go so far as to say that out of the three books in this series that I’ve read, this is the best one.

The Good:

You cannot even begin to imagine the sense of relief I experienced when I got a couple of chapters in to this book and found that the writing was so much BETTER! Seeking CrystalThere were still ups and downs, but on the whole everything flowed much more smoothly and felt much less forced than before. The plot was a vast improvement too – it was exciting with numerous twists and turns, well-paced and involved less cartoonish, two-dimensional villains.

Our main character, Crystal, also made a great protagonist and her relationship with Xav was (thank god) the least irritating so far! This was in part due to the fact that there wasn’t the instant connection that we’ve had before, making the growth of their feelings seem much more realistic. Plus, Crystal didn’t take on the damsel-in-distress role! Yay! This made her interactions with Xav much more balanced, so by the end they actually came across as a fairly genuine couple.

The Bad:

As with the last two books, problems get solved very very easily. ‘Oh, so you need to stage a daring rescue? That’s fine, I have a pilot’s licence!’ Why? Because it’s convenient to the plot. There are still moments of cheesiness throughout; usually when there is a misjudged attempt at a profound metaphor, but Seeking Crystal isn’t a literary masterpiece, and it doesn’t pretend to be. There’s nothing downright awful about it and so long as you go into it expecting a fairly light-hearted adventure and not a prize winning novel you should read your way through it fairly quickly. Although I have to say, with all of the brothers from this one family finding their soulmates the situation doesn’t really feel as special as it’s supposed to be.

The Verdict:

It is with great relief that I deem Seeking Crystal a considerable improvement over its predecessor. I’d happily give it three stars. Although I won’t be continuing on with this series I am delighted that I was able to end it on such a high.