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After a slightly disappointing second instalment Rossi is back on form with Into the Still Blue. This book made sure to firmly root this series in the sci-fi genre rather than leaving it as an amalgamation of many, and this focus showed in the setting and the kinds of challenges the characters faced in their quest for the Still Blue.

The Good:

With the increasingly strong alliances between various factions of Dwellers and Outsiders there is a definite shift in the focus of the novel, with friendships and loyalties playing a much more prominent role this time around. I mean, there was still romance, but the story grew beyond that and into something that was about more than just first love. Aria and Perry were in an established relationship and no longer had to keep ‘proving’ their love, instead they had to fight for it. Into-the-Still-Blue-UKSpeaking of Aria, the development of her character was exceptional. She was hit with a few major revelations and had to overcome plenty of obstacles but in the end she grew into a strong and determined leader. And Roar. I loved Roar, possibly more than I did either of the main characters purely because he was such a fierce and loyal friend.

The Bad:

If I’ve noticed one thing whilst reading this series it is that there is always one particular aspect of Rossi’s writing which consistently fails to leave an impact on me. I am talking, of course, about the deaths. And as this is the last book in the series, there were several. Some worked, others… not so much. I almost felt as though the story could have gotten away with killing off a few more people, but really the problem was, once again, that those that died failed to leave much of an impact. This, combined with the author’s decision to complete the core objective with a good hundred pages left to go meant that the build-up we got in the past two books about the danger surrounding their journey felt a little underwhelming.

The Verdict:

Into the Still Blue delivered a very satisfying – if somewhat convenient – ending to Aria and Perry’s story and for that I’m going to give it three and a half stars. It also means I’ve finished another trilogy! Yay! This was a great conclusion to the series and I can’t wait to see what Rossi comes out with next.