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Hello lovely readers!

Thank you so much to everyone for visiting my blog and liking my posts despite my absence! May and June were rather hectic months for me as I was revising for exams, taking said exams and trying to prepare for life after the aforementioned exams. As a result my posting has been somewhat sporadic as of late, as you may have noticed…

Over the next few weeks I’m off on holiday not once but TWICE; once with Bee and Maddie and their family to Devon and once with my parents (+ Bee and Maddie again!) to Norfolk. This means posts will continue to be less regular than normal because of a possible lack of internet connection and less time in general to write. Of course that won’t stop me reading, but I shan’t really be keeping to a schedule.

So, I just wanted to say thanks for your continued support – and indeed your patience – while I’ve been on a small hiatus. I look forward to returning soon with plenty more reviews, as well as other content I’m very excited to share with you! Have a great summer guys!

Love Sarah xxx