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I can’t believe it’s been so long since I reviewed season one of this show! After giving said first season such a high rating I was seriously hoping that season two would deliver on my immensely high expectations, and oh boy did it ever!

The Good:

So let’s start at the very beginning. (Anyone who says they didn’t sing that sentence is lying!)the 100 season 2

(Side Note: I’m loving the show’s new title sequence!)

Last season’s dramatic cliff-hanger ending had many of us worried about the fates of Bellamy and Finn but thankfully both are alive and well – to an extent – when we finally saw them again. As an audience member I always feel slightly let down if a character dies off screen so I was pleased that that didn’t happen here. While Homecoming (the third book in Kass Morgan’s series) let me down somewhat, the show didn’t follow suit and actually somehow managed to achieve new levels of awesomeness.

Then there’s Murphy. At some point between the end of season one and the start of season two he’s gone from psychopath to sass-master and become one of my favourite characters! I’m not sure how this happened, but I like it! Richard Harmon, who plays Murphy on the show, has been promoted to a series regular for season three and this news delights me: more Murphy is definitely a great thing! His character development has been on point this series and long may it continue!

Next, when I spoke about the last season I did mention that as much as I loved TV Octavia I couldn’t see why they’d aged her up yet continued to have Bellamy treat her like a kid. Season two has gone great lengths to address this, so much so that my opinion on the decision to make Octavia seventeen has officially been changed! Hooray! Her role in the story would have been severely limited had the writers not done what they did and her evolution into a warrior was very satisfying to watch. Octavia is a badass and anyone who disagrees can fight me (and probably Lincoln too).

Also rectified this season was my issue with Clarke’s romantic situation. Some huge spoilers are coming for anybody not yet caught up with season two. Consider yourselves warned. Now in my season one review I voiced my frustration at Clarke falling madly in love with Finn after only just having met him. Ignoring the fact that I ship Bellarke, it felt out of character for sensible Clarke to get so involved with a guy she just met. This time around in the midseason finale Clarke is forced to mercy kill Finn before the grounders can torture him painfully to death. Admittedly, this is not the end I wanted their relationship to meet, but it has simultaneously cut out the insta-love and the Finn-Clarke-Raven love triangle that annoyed me so much.

The Bad:

Still waiting for Bellarke to happen! At this rate it’ll be season seven and they won’t even have held hands yet. I’m praying that it’s just going to be a really slow burn relationship, but we’d better get something next season. But seriously, Octavia has Lincoln, Raven has Wick, even Murphy got to flirt with a girl! Clarke and Bellamy had a handful of scenes together. The fact that they are a couple in the books has got to count for something, right?

Lastly, the ‘Mountain Men’ this series were seriously disturbing. Now I love a complex villain as much as the next girl and the motivations of the group made perfect sense, but there seemed to be a plot hole concerning their methods. It was never made clear why they didn’t just ask nicely in the first place. They weren’t inherently bad people so I don’t get why they resorted to such drastic action without trying to talk things over. The ‘Sky People’ were sympathetic to their cause, but naturally didn’t appreciate being picked off one by one and harvested for bone marrow with a frigging drill! Ever heard of donations? They felt they had no choice but it was their own fault entirely for betraying the delinquents’ trust. Idiots.

The Verdict:

After managing to match the success of the first season, The 100 Season Two is definitely deserving of an equally high rating. 5/5 stars once again. With characters like Clarke, Murphy and Jaha striking out on their own I will be very interested to see where season three goes from here. With any luck my next review will end with yet another five star rating!