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Hey guys! I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by the wonderful Bee and Maddie over at Heart Full of Books. Thanks so much ladies, I really appreciate it! These things are always such great fun so let’s get to it…


The Rules

Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
Give your readers 11 random facts about yourself.
Answer the 11 questions from the blog who nominated you.
Nominate 11 bloggers to receive this award.
Come up with 11 questions for your nominees!

Random Facts

  1. If I could save one thing in an apocalypse it would be my parents’ photo album.
  2. If I could have any job, real or fictional, it would be Prime Minister. Of course I could run the country – how hard could it be?
  3. My guilty pleasure pass-time is fanfiction. Don’t worry, nothing weird; I just think that if its well written then its enjoyable to read!
  4. My favourite colour is blue.
  5. I only tend to wear make-up on weekends.
  6. I have a favourite bracelet that my mum bought me for Christmas last year. Its really beautifully decorated and goes with pretty much everything.
  7. The only foods I absolutely DO NOT like are hot/spicy dishes and anything flavoured with BBQ sauce.
  8. I tend to go for dark coloured lipsticks but prefer light, pastel nail polishes.
  9. My eighteenth birthday party was Alice in Wonderland themed.
  10. This summer I plan to start a scrapbook full of mementos from days out, inspirational quotes, photos and little bits of advice which I can hopefully pass on to my kids one day. (I know I know, so sappy!)
  11. My favourite Greek goddess is Hecate, goddess of magic.

My Answers

  1. How long have you been blogging?
    For 6 months since October 2014, so not that long really. But I really enjoy it and  its become a favourite pass-time.
  2. What inspired you to start blogging?
    Well for one thing, I decided that I just had too many feelings on all of the books  I read and needed somewhere to vent about them! Also, I wrote a review for my coursework in A-Level English Language and found I was good at it – plus it was really fun  so I wanted to carry on.
  3. What Hogwarts house would you be in?
    Ravenclaw, although I reckon I’d be a ‘Hatstall’ because I’ve also got quite a lot of Slytherin traits in me!
  4. Is there a book that you really didn’t like?
    My worst three to date have been Lullaby, Wuthering Heights and Looking For Alaska.
  5. If you could have any fictional creature as a pet, what would you choose?
    A hellhound for companionship; a dragon so as to make my enemies cower in fear.
  6. Which fictional character would you like as a best friend?
    Having Annabeth Chase as a BFF would be pretty cool.
  7. What fictional universe would you choose to live in?
    Pretty much any world created by Ally Carter, but particularly on Embassy Row.
  8. What are your other hobbies besides reading?
    Creative writing, acting and reviewing are the main ones (but I also like watching films and television and listening to music.)
  9. Have you set yourself any reading challenges this year? If so, what are they?
    Yes: to read 75 books this year, at least 20 of those over the summer. Also to finish all of the currently published books in the Song of Ice and Fire series.
  10. What book to you wish more people would read?
    Definitely Station Eleven by Emily St.John Mandel.
  11. Which author, alive or deceased, would you like to have dinner with?
    George R. R. Martin, without a doubt. I’d love to quiz him on how he came up with such a complex world and get his autograph. Of course if we’re talking dead then old Will Shakespeare is at the top of the list. I wonder what he’d make of the word ‘selfie’?

So there we have it. What did you think? Surprised by any of my answers? Agree? Disagree? Tell me in the comments below!

Questions for my Nominees:

  1. Have you ever come across a memorable or inspirational quote? If so what is it?
  2. Spring, summer, autumn or winter?
  3. Who is your favourite author?
  4. Which book/series do you think has the prettiest cover?
  5. Where is your favourite place to read?
  6. What is your biggest bookish pet peeve?
  7. Best and worst book-to-movie adaptations?
  8. What’s next on your TBR?
  9. Which character would you like to go for coffee with?
  10. What possession would you most like to pass on to your children?
  11. What are you planning to do over the summer? Give at least two things.

I Nominate…

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  12. And any of you lovely people who follow me, consider yourselves tagged!

Thanks everyone for reading and I hope you all find some great new blogs!